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Dimarts 5 de desembre (17:00 - 18:30)

Sala de reunions FME (Campus Sud)

Erik Cobo, Klaus Langohr & Jordi CortésCausal Inference

This session aims to support the practicing statistician in making it work: causal inference form observational data in a potential outcomes framework. How to chose among the many versions of exposure, the target population and indeed the estimand in a given setting? Different estimands serve different purposes while lending themselves (in)directly to natual constraints imposed on given datasets. We spend ample time exploring this in various contexts before explaining key features of estimation methods relying on either the `no unmeasured confounders’ assumption or the availability of `instrumental variables’. We talk about some of the following methods: outcome regression and stratification or inverse probability weighting. We illustrate key results and estimation properties with published case studies, using either the original data or simulations. Hands on sessions will guide participants in using R with the data. We also present the daggity platform.


Dijous 21 de desembre (12:00 - 14:00)

Sala de reunions FME (Campus Sud)

(to be announced)